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New York, New York

New York cityscape

“New York, New York …” – every time I pronounce the name of The City, I can almost hear Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett or Liza Minelli singing this song. No doubt, New York City has inspired many artists, songs, movies, plays and shows over the last decades. The Big Apple – Overcrowded, Yet Always Surprising […]

Los Angeles City Tours And Shopping Tips

Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

The Biggest City On The West Coast Los Angeles (City of Angels) is the treasure of California, one of the largest, most beautiful and attractive cities in the United States – a trip to the biggest city on the Pacific Coast will convince you that words simply are not enough to describe all the wonderful […]

Strasbourg travel experience – part 2

Strasbourg cityscape

Best Ways To Discover Strasbourg A great way to explore the beautiful city of Strasbourg as a tourist is a boat ride through the canals that cross the city (if you enjoyed exploring the neighborhoods of Amsterdam from a touring boat, you will enjoy this too!). The canals are crossed by centuries-old bridges that connect […]

Brasov travel guide

Tourist attractions in Brasov

After visiting the Bran Castle and its surroundings, I turned to Brasov – the most famous city in Transylvania, and an important cultural center. The City Tour The 30 km trip from Bran to Brasov was a quick ride so I had enough of time before nightfall to visit the Central Square (Piata Sfatului), and […]