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A Roman Amphitheatre in Croatia

Photo tour of Croatia, episode #4: Pula Arena The Arena is a 2000 years old colosseum built by the Romans in the city of Pula and it’s a distinctive mark of this city.

Walking Tour Through the Heart of Little Paris

Kretulescu Church - front

As promised last week, we continue our virtual walk on Calea Victoriei (Victory Avenue) and visit other interesting sights, representative for Romanian culture and history: an almost 300-years-old church, two of the most popular theaters in Bucharest, and the main cultural institution of the Romanian Army – these are places where you can feel the […]

Naples, Italy: A Traveler’s Delight

Naples - Italy

If i ever was to make a top with the most beautiful cities I’ve visited, Naples will certainly take one of the first places – you might see a slight note of bias in this article, so I might as well admit that I have always been fascinated by Italy’s culture, rich historical and archaeological […]

Strasbourg travel experience – part 1

Notre Dame Cathedral, Strasbourg

One of our readers – Cristina M. – decided to share with us her most recent personal travel experience – a holiday in Strasbourg. So, in the following two articles, we will take the tour of Strasbourg, as seen by Cristina. Strasbourg – beautiful, charming and welcoming If I were to describe Strasbourg in three […]