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Photos from Trogir, a World Heritage Site

The host of the third episode from our series of photos from Croatia is Trogir: a 2,000+ years old city built by the ancient Greeks and located on a small island near the Adriatic coast of Dalmatia.

Myra – The City Of Saint Nicholas

Myra - The city of Saint Nicholas

One of the most beloved winter holidays is approaching. December 6th is a special day for both children and grown-ups when everyone is waiting for Saint Nicholas. Tonight, children are preparing their boots for the most expected gifts and adults relive beautiful moments of their childhood. Saint Nicholas Day is the first holiday of the […]

Bucharest travel destination: Cultural Tourism

Travel destination - Bucharest, Romania

If you plan a Europe travel tour, I recommend you take your time to visit Bucharest, the capital of Romania. I will try to mark on your travel guide to Bucharest some of the most important tourist attraction you can find in this beautiful city. Bucharest, a cultural tourism destination Bucharest, the capital of Romania […]