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Cranberry Strudel? Yes, Please!

Cranberry strudel rolls

Today, Valeria continues her story about Terschelling with some interesting details regarding the culinary side of her experience AND a savory dessert recipe. “Another thing I remember with much pleasure from my vacation to Terschelling is related to the local cuisine. Every meal was a delight for me, especially because almost all the meals of […]

Easter in Romania

Drob - Romanian Easter Meal

This year we celebrated Easter at home with our families and tasted the delicious southern Romanian traditional dishes. In fact, we did a little more than just tasting the food, so now we struggle with those extra pounds we gained, a consequence of our mothers’ culinary talents, of course, but also of our reckless desire […]

Romanian Desserts

Warning: The following article is dangerously delicious! It’s been a while since we posted a recipe on our blog so we thought it might be the right time to talk a little about the Romanian cuisine. There are many traditional recipes handed down from generation to generation in Romania: each and every region of this […]

Pancakes Around The World

In our travels so far we had the pleasure to taste the delicious pancakes in many parts of the world. Be it Europe, Asia or America the recipe remains simple, but every nation is trying to add that special touch of their own cuisine – a secret ingredient here, a special flavour there etc. Sweet […]