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In the hills of Kerala: top things to do in Munnar

Is the heat of the Keralan lowlands driving you insane? Don’t worry – by driving a few hours inland to the hill station of Munnar, the environment will change from tropical jungle to that of a chilly equatorial highland. Popular with the British for weather which reminded them of home, it is the perfect spot […]

Best beaches in Goa, India

Spending time in India soon? At some point, the noise and grit that comes with traveling through this country will get to you, and you’ll need to take a break. The best beaches in Goa can help bring you back to your happy place, allowing you to enjoy the rest of your travels in this […]

5 Alternative Holiday Spots in the Sun

When we think about sunny holiday destinations, we usually picture the regular tourist haunts: Spain, Portugal or the Canary Islands to name just a few. However, there are thousands of beaches out there to be discovered that haven’t been spoiled by mainstream tourism, making them perfect for a quiet break in the sun. Here are […]

India Tourist Attractions

Travel Destination India

India Tourist Attractions are so different from any other country around the world. Only by visiting India you will fully understand why it was truly called the crib of humanity. I will continue my travel guide to India – home of yoga, tea, cotton and pepper – with some things every tourist should know when […]