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Tourist spots in Paris:The Tuileries Garden

My city travel review on Paris continues with one of the most beautiful tourist spots in Paris: Tuileries Gardens. Tourists who prefer long walks through the parks and botanical gardens will be fascinated by the Tuileries Garden. Placed in the heart of Paris, between the Place de la Concorde and the Louvre Museum, Les Jardins […]

Paris travel experience: Eiffel Tower (2)

My Paris travel experience continues with some interesting facts about the Eiffel Tower > The painting of the Eiffel Tower is changed every several years, so the building would always have a fresh look. Also, the electric illuminating system (first installed in 1900) is often improved so that it would keep up with the latest […]

Paris attractions: Eiffel Tour (1)

Continuing my tour of the best places to see in Paris, the next two posts will be dedicated to the world’s most famous tourist attraction: The Eiffel tour. First, just a little historic info on the monument as it is the landmark on every Paris travel guide > The Eiffel Tower monument was built on […]

Tourist attractions in Paris

If you choose Paris as a travel destination, I bet it would not be an easy task to decide what to visit first. The number of beautiful places to see, such as museums, theaters, libraries and universities, is more than generous. The city’s streets will also invite you to walk through and discover the ancient […]