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Croatian Burek and Palatschinke Recipes

Following our series of articles dedicated to the destinations on the Croatian Adriatic coast, we thought we’d share some of the local cuisine secrets and tell you about two delicious dishes you can try while visiting Croatia. Useful hint: if you ever have the chance to visit Rovinj in late August, you can participate in […]

Two Delicious Recipes from Valencia

Dinner table

We are back with our stories about Valencia and we are ready to show you two traditional recipes you can try in this part of Spain – paella Valenciana and a delicious dessert: lemon and cinnamon ice cream. Both dishes are very popular in Valencia and can be ordered in almost all of the restaurants […]

Cranberry Strudel? Yes, Please!

Cranberry strudel rolls

Today, Valeria continues her story about Terschelling with some interesting details regarding the culinary side of her experience AND a savory dessert recipe. “Another thing I remember with much pleasure from my vacation to Terschelling is related to the local cuisine. Every meal was a delight for me, especially because almost all the meals of […]

Romanian Desserts

Warning: The following article is dangerously delicious! It’s been a while since we posted a recipe on our blog so we thought it might be the right time to talk a little about the Romanian cuisine. There are many traditional recipes handed down from generation to generation in Romania: each and every region of this […]