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Churches in Rome you won’t want to miss

In all of Christianity, there are few places more significant than the city of Rome. Serving as home to the Pope for millennia, Rome has come to be home to a high number of extraordinarily beautiful cathedrals and basilicas. When you head to Italy over the coming months, here are some churches in Rome you […]

A guide to Ancient Rome

Rome was once the bustling central hub of the Roman Empire, a city of immeasurable importance and beauty. Today it’s one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, with multiple attractions and preserved ruins to visit.

Visiting Italy Under a Canvas

A truly beautiful destination, Italy is steeped in history and home to many wonderful attractions. It’s also a place that’s become very popular among camping enthusiasts, with many now opting to go camping.There are many exceptional locales to choose from for those looking to pitch their tents in this country, so there is no shortage […]

Statue of St. Peter in Vatican

Travel Photo Of The Week, episode #5: the Statue of St. Peter from Piazza San Pietro, in Vatican City. Discover the full set of photos here: Pictures from Rome, The Eternal City.