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Soaking up the late autumn sun in Valencia

Has the grim, drizzly weather got you feeling down in the dumps? While winter is indeed coming, not every part of Europe is stuck in the same mire that the British Isles and Scandinavia has just stepped into in recent days. If you find yourself longing for the carefree times of weeks and months past, […]

Best beaches to worship the sun on Tenerife

Has the pending onset of the rainy season in Britain got you in the dumps? Don’t despair, as the sun drenched is but a short flight away. The beaches in Tenerife in particular will astound you with their beauty and the variety of experiences that can be had during a day spent lounging on their […]

Doing Salou on a Budget

Want to getaway to the sunny coast of Spain to escape the unpredictability of a British summer, but think you can’t afford it? There are many ways you can make a holiday happen on the cheap, as this guide to doing Salou on a budget will reveal to you.

How to spend a perfect summer day in Barcelona

Photo via If Spain is in your plans this summer, you might be looking to include Barcelona in your itinerary, and why not? This former Olympic host has a wealth of cultural institutions, stunning beaches and amazing places to eat, making a summer day in Barcelona nothing less than a joyful experience from start […]