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Swiss mountain towns to explore this summer

Heading to Europe this summer? There are many Swiss mountain towns that will deliver an experience unlike any other that you will have in the Old World. The following four are the best of the bunch in our opinion… 1) Zermatt Perhaps one of the most internationally famous of all the towns that are located […]

Photo Essay: from Interlaken to Wengen

The train is the easiest way to go from Interlaken to Wengen, especially since tourist cars are not allowed inside this environmentally friendly resort.

Sports, Adrenaline and Relaxation in Interlaken

Switzerland means breathtaking landscapes, fresh ozonized air, outdoor sports and endless hiking trails. There are, of course, other things Switzerland is renowned for – such as the delicious Swiss cheeses, the famous and expensive Swiss watches or one of the oldest banking systems in the world – but we’re here to talk about the natural […]

The Jungfrau

After more than a month with no new articles here at – we’ve been swamped with work in February, with the relaunch of -, we have finally found the time to post something new – a photo of the third highest mountain in the Bernese Alps, in Switzerland: The Jungfrau. This is a preamble […]