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Cranberry Strudel? Yes, Please!

Cranberry strudel rolls

Today, Valeria continues her story about Terschelling with some interesting details regarding the culinary side of her experience AND a savory dessert recipe. “Another thing I remember with much pleasure from my vacation to Terschelling is related to the local cuisine. Every meal was a delight for me, especially because almost all the meals of […]

Terschelling Photo Essay

We hope you enjoyed Valeria’s story from our previous post about Terschelling and, as promised, we are pleased to show you the second part of the photo album that she kindly shared with us. Here is Travel Photo Of  The Week, episode 12 – Terschelling Photo Essay: *Photos belong to their author and cannot be used without […]

Exploring the Nature in Terschelling


Terschelling Island (in northern Netherlands) was the ideal place for a short adventure in the middle of nature for Valeria, a 24 year old Romanian woman who visited the Dutch island in the autumn of 2009 and was kind enough to tell us about her experience. Valeria’s visit to Terschelling was a short, five days […]