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Beautiful Pictures From Barcelona

The road to Montserrat Monastery, Spain

Every time I look at the pictures from Spain, I remember with pleasure the beautiful moments spent there. That’s why today I chose a few photos to show you some of the beautiful places I’ve visited in Barcelona, the capital city of Catalonia. Here they are:

European Travel Destinations – Photo Gallery

Travel to Sun Blog wants to take you on a virtual tour around the most interesting travel destinations in Europe. Discover top European travel destinations by visiting our photo gallery. Choose your next European holiday by taking a virtual tour of our photo gallery. Paris (France), Cologne (Germany), Barcelona (Spain), Balchik (Bulgaria), Crna Gora (Montenegro), […]

History of Barcelona

Continuing my tourist attraction map of  Barcelona, my perspective on this amazing city will focus on the cultural and historical highlights because I think one of the most important things in traveling is being an educated tourist. Barcelona’s historical tourist attractions should be included in each traveler’s guide as this splendid city invites you to […]

Tourist attractions in Barcelona

Like I said in my previous post, Barcelona’s tourist attractions go beyond walking down the city center and the beautiful beaches so I think there are more important things to share about this unique travel destination. So, here are some key points to mark on your traveler’s guide to Barcelona> Barcelona is an important cultural […]